A Letter

8 Jan

It has been a long time indeed since I wrote a letter.

From time to time, I receive mail. Typically, it consists of bank statements, advertising, or propaganda from the Church of Scientology, who have sent me fortnightly correspondence upon attaining my address. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I receive a card.

I was fortunate enough to receive a thoughtful letter a few weeks ago. It was not composed by a computer program, nor laden with effulgent images imploring me to buy something. It was two pages long. My subsequent reply was set in 12-point Hoefler Text and the address in American Typewriter.

I stuck on a pre-Euro Dutch stamp because it was far more aesthetically appealing than the floral garbage Australia Post sells. That meant I would need to deliver it myself, but it was worth it.

The use of a seal made it all the more authentic (although I did burn the first letter with which I tried this).

A letter published in Friday’s Sydney Morning Herald: “What’s Australia Post?”


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